Valentine’s Day Broadway Nashville

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Broadway Nashville

The Valentine’s 6th Birthday

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Concentrated on 3rd and 4th floor

Festivities will begin @ 6pm


Overview: Valentine’s 6th Birthday Party, partnering with the Nashville Humane Society to spread some love this holiday NOT ticketed, just something fun to bring more people out!



– 4 specialty cocktails, 2 $5 specials shots

o Listed on small specialty menus, available on third and fourth floor

– Pink Jell-O Shots floating on all floors



– Spread throughout building, heavily concentrated on third and fourth floor

o Red & Pink: Streamers, “Happy 6th Birthday” Balloons, helium tank & birthday decorations from Maressa’s Birthday the week before, small bubble machine, glitter spray for windows, Valentine’s day decorations

o Big Birthday Party for Valentine!



– Nashville Humane Association:

o We will be donating a portion of sales from the night to the Nashville Humane Association!

o They are sending over signage, flyers, and an image their logo(s), so we can create content for our pages (can have logo images from her before the weekend). She said she would be happy to post content we create advertising the event on her pages.

§ Also, the Event Coordinator at NHA, told me they repost anything they are tagged in, so it reaches their followers as well.

o They will send an internal email to all of their employees advertising the event

o Post Event: She said if we wanted to do a check presentation for social media and/or come meet the dogs and have a day, we are more than welcome!

*Taylor: I will send you the images/logos she sends me as soon as I get them!


Silent Auction:

– Third Floor

– Begins at 6pm

o Jack Daniels items, Neon Signage, Blanton’s items, Reach out to distributors

– Advertise on social media, in connection with Nashville Humane Society

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